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The procedure is divided into different phases, which are worked on one after the other.
At the beginning there is an inventory phase, working with reports, literature, active exploration of potential sites. The subsequent consultation phase aims to clarify issues that arise, such as the immediate surroundings of the churches and the general context.
Once all the basic questions and issues are clarified, the design research begins, using spatial models, strategic models, etc. details are to be clarified.
Once all phases are completed, the presentation phase concludes the project, where all results are summarized and published.


Department of Building Planning and Realization
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Sabine Brück, architect
Prof. i.V. Ir. Fred Humblé, architect
Ir. Bas van der Pol, architect
Dipl.-Ing Cristoph Helmus, Architect
Dipl.-Ing Detlev Kraneis, civil engineer

Department of Monument Preservation and Historical Building Research
Prof.Dr. Christian Raabe, Architect