Impromptu Design Seeing-building-living CIRCULARITY

  Collage temporary timber structure Copyright: © Paul Sebasta, Boano Prišmontas



Stanimira Markova

Leitung FG Zukunfttechnologien Gebäudenachhaltigkeit


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Seeing-building-living CIRCULARITY - Pop Up Campus Exhibition and Demonstrator Space - Design, Fabrication and Construction.


Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges of our century. Sustainability is not only extremely multi-faceted, but also in a constant state of change, with more and more new problems and challenges added to the already known ones such as climate change, resource scarcity, biodiversity, just to name a few, making especially our task in the design of buildings and cities more and more complex and challenging.

In order to familiarize the general public, industry, but especially students at RWTH Aachen University with these in an understandable and playful way and to offer an opportunity to self-actively design constructions and buildings in a circular way and for Urban Mining, but also to learn about the challenges of sustainability in the future, the Academic and Research Department for Building Design and Realisation is planning a joint exhibition and demonstrator with the RWTH spin-off GREENbimlabs as part of the "Pop Up Campus" format, which will take place in Aachen in 2022 and will be organized by the Faculty of Architecture.

In addition to a digital exhibition of research results on "digital innovations for sustainability" and the results from the LV "Future Sustainability" from the Academic and Research Department for Building Design and Realisation, the BIM-based and AI-driven technology of GREENbimlabs will be demonstrated as a VR Game. This will be made available for independent, playful application, and in this way demonstrate the principles, modeling, optimization and realization of circularity and urban mining in the built world.


Design, draft, and fabricate a room-within-a-room system for the Pop Up Campus exhibit that will continue as a permanent exhibit - and demonstrator - at the faculty after the Pop Up Campus project ends.

Tasks include.

  • Design concepts- reflecting themes of sustainability and innovation and "innovation for sustainability"
  • Design of a degradable and rebuildable modular demonstrator space-In space made of circular and recyclable constructions and materials.
  • Modular- buildable and designable-> elements that allow for different geometry/space layouts and room designs
  • Visible and clear communication of the symbiosis between sustainability thought and innovative future technologies.

Supervision is provided by the Academic and Research Department for Building Design and Realisation, and the modules are manufactured in the faculty's workshop.


Sart 06 April 2022

End 13 July 2022

weekly, Wednesdays at 10 am for 30 - 60 minutes

there will be no event on 08 June (Whitsun)

The event takes place exclusively in presence.

About the Pop Up Campus:

In order to bridge the gap between the latest findings from research in practical building applications, as well as to create their communication to the widest possible audience, the "Zukunftbau Pop Up Campus" was created, which will take place in Aachen in 2022 and is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture. "The central task here is "to show possible solutions for better use of resources in the construction industry. Under the motto "Save Material - Save the Planet", the focus will be on material-efficient and -effective construction. The main aim is to show how existing buildings can be used and improved, with the goals of counteracting material scarcity, making construction methods more circular, and avoiding construction waste and emissions."

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