B1 Residential+

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In the course of this task, housing concepts in confined spaces are to be analyzed. The following questions will be addressed:
How much space is really needed for living?
How do architects succeed in creating living quality in the smallest of spaces?
Which measures in the creative handling of spatial restrictions can lead to atmospheric solutions?
What is the relationship to the surroundings?


This task is about the context of a place. What actually constitutes a place is initially usually only a hunch or a diffuse feeling. To get a little closer to its genius loci, it is helpful to examine it under certain questions. Do not try to grasp the complexity of the place as a whole, but focus your analysis on a single, specific aspect first.

Exile domicile

You have been selected as a young, aspiring architect(s) to design an exile domicile in Aachen for a famous person. This is to serve as a retreat from his exhausting celebrity. Enclosed you will find a cover letter from your client, in which he formulates his ideas and expectations for his new domicile. In addition to the pure implementation of the requirements in a spatial structure, you are expected to identify the special requirements of your client and to find architectural correspondences for them. The goal here is not to design a universal building, but one that is precisely tailored to its occupant.