The teaching of architectural design is at the forefront of the course. The examination of architectural space poses a wealth of questions, the answers to which can only be found in one project, one building, one design at a time.

Architecture is per se a multidisciplinary discipline: history, theory, engineering, social research and demography, culture, energy, materials, physics, economics and law to name a few. In the foreground and as the essence of all disciplines it uses is the architectural concept designed or to be designed. The design is the starting point and the final product of a planning process. Which disciplines are involved during a design process in an accompanying, supporting and preparatory way depends on the respective task and always has the character of uniqueness. Each task deals with contradictory goals, which require consultation and weighting on the part of the architect, and for the solution of which there is no routine approach. How to make the right decision and when: this requires a conceptual approach, which we want to substantiate methodically and factually.

The concept and knowledge of the components provide the starting point for learning and using digital tools, which will be taught theoretically and practically. The chair makes it its business to make students aware of the need to collaborate with other disciplines, within the faculty and across faculties.
The chair will cooperate interdisciplinary with the faculties of architecture, civil engineering, partly also economics and law. The teaching will be project-related, i.e. it will support expertise in the form of lectures and seminars on a specific building-related design-specific task. This means that the seminars and lectures are topic-related, but are also independent courses in their own right. The individual disciplines influence the design process, both in the Bachelor's and Master's programs.

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Information on the courses offered by Construction Planning and Construction Realization in the Bachelor's program.

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Information on the courses offered by Construction Planning and Construction Realization in the Master's program.

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Here we show you an overview of the projects that have been created in the past semesters at our chair.

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