Master WT 2021/2022

  Road crossing © BB

Pivot South 2025


Design Studio M1  

Master Semesters 1 - 3  with Michael Dolinski Architect M.Sc. RWTH

  House at demolition © Free License

Urban Mining & Circular Building Design


Research Field Part II

 M. Sc. all Semesters with Dr. Stanimira Markova

  Competitonsmodels © BB

Competition Paradox


Research Field  

M. Sc. all semesters with Michael Dolinski Architect M. Sc. RWTH

  Graphic with green houses © BB


Elective Course  

M. Sc. all semesters with Dr. Stanimira Markova

  Desert City © BB

Future Sustainability


Impromptu Design  

M. Sc. all semesters with Dr. Stanimira Markova