Master WT 2023/2024

  Graphic with green houses © BB

EC Sustainability – the Basics (Green2Construction)


Elective Course

M. Sc. all semesters with Dr. Stanimira Markova

  three construction workers are removing the tiling from the floor © ROTOR DC/Olivier Beart

M1 | a "Universitäts-Bauhütte"


Design Course M1/M2.1

M. Sc. with Univ.-Prof. Sabine Brück-Dürkop, Prof. i.V. Fred Humblé, Michael Dolinski

  golden facade © Jet de la Cruz, Copyright: CC BY

RF in Architecture and Urbanism | Valuing Architecture


Research Field

M. Sc. all semesters with Dr. Dasha Kuletskaya