Master ST 2023

  Flood in restaurant in Venice © Dasha Kuletskaya

M1 Water as a guest_Resting near the Ahr-River

Design Studio M1

Master Semesters 1 - 3 with Dasha Kuletskaya M.Sc. RWTH


  © Superstudio - Cristiano Toraldo di Francia

Competition Now! – Possibilities for a young generation of architects


Research Field

M. Sc. ST 23 & WT 23/24 with Michael Dolinski M.Sc. RWTH

  Desert City © BB

Future Sustainability

Impromptu design

M. Sc. all semesters with Dr. Stanimira Markova

  Graphic with green houses © BB

EC Sustainability – the Basics (Green2Construction)


Elective Course

M. Sc. all semesters with Dr. Stanimira Markova

  © akpool

View on Schuld an der Ahr - (New) townscape for a flood-prone town



M. Sc. ST 23 with Michael Dolinski M.Sc. RWTH

  © Transfer, Peter Erni

Mobiliar - A new learning and communication landscape for the RWTH Aachen University



M. Sc. ST 23 & WT 23/24 with Michael Dolinski M.Sc. RWTH