M1 | a "Universitäts-Bauhütte"

  three construction workers are removing the tiling from the floor © ROTOR DC/Olivier Beart  

M1/M2.1 | M.Sc.

24 places Building Design/Visual Arts  50/50
When registering at a later date, you can choose between M1 and M2. The contingents in the summer semester will then be registered accordingly.
The project is supervised and examined equally by Visual Arts and Building Design.

A total of 24 places are available.


Univ.-Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz, Olga Cobușcean

Univ.-Prof. Sabine Brück-Dürkop, Prof. i.V. Fred Humblé, Michael Dolinski

The change towards a circular economy challenges us to question our aesthetic models and design approaches and to search for new tools and ways of acting. The project formulates the thesis that the procedure of 'collecting', in its economic as well as aesthetic form, is gaining an ever greater role in the overall mechanism of the circular economy. We pose the question of a new typology that could enable large institutions to deal with their own building development in a sustainable way.

What would it be like if institutions like RWTH Aachen University were to view their own building stock as a resource for the future? Would they see what is no longer used and discarded as valuable? Could a culture of collecting replace a culture of throwing away? It is clear that something like this would not be conceivable without a specially designed spatial infrastructure. A university building lodge?


As workshop associations, building lodges developed organized construction processes for the highly complex and innovative cathedral buildings of the time. This was achieved by bringing together and organizing a wide variety of crafts and disciplines with regard to techniques, the construction process, and also the training of junior/professional staff. Could a contemporary form of such a building lodge act as a generator for the development of innovative architectural approaches for a circular economy programmed resilient construction? Could craft, technology and research come together again, and become part of the public discourse. RWTH Aachen University, with its large building stock and dynamic structural development, offers a perfect experimental field for these questions.


The project is part of a two-semester exploration of the theme 'Cultures of gathering' and can be continued in the summer semester as M2.


In cooperation with the Department of Visual Arts


Introduction: 17.10.2023, 9am, Dates: Tuesday, 9am – 6pm