RF in Architecture and Urbanism I/II | Valuing Architecture

  golden facade © Jet de la Cruz, Copyright: CC BY  

At the heart of the profession of architecture lies a peculiar contradiction: on the one hand, architecture is concerned with the creation of cultural and social values; on the other hand, it is a part of the real estate industry and, as such, has to produce economic value. This seminar focuses on the fundamental questions that lie in the core of the profession of architecture: How does architecture create value? What kinds of value does it create? How are cultural, social, and other values associated with architecture transformed into economic value? In this seminar, we will approach these questions through theoretical and empirical research. In the first half of the semester, we will read key texts on the topic from the disciplines of architectural history and theory, history and theory of urbanization, real estate economics, political economy, and sociology, and look for potential case-studies for empirical research. In the second half of the semester, students will then work on individual case studies and explore the various values and their conversion into economic value. Focusing on the concepts of heritage, sustainability, luxury, lifestyle, and density, we will try to map different values associated with architecture and trace the strategies of their transformation into economic value.


Project start: 11.10.23 at 9:30 at the Department Bauplan

Final Review: 14.02.24 at 9:30 at the Department Bauplan

Lecturer: Dr. Dasha Kuletskaya

Course language: English

Important notice: Participation in the  DFG Symposium “Value. Use. Property—On the Spatial Dimension of Land Issues” on Friday, 20.10.23 (full day) is mandatory for all course participants.