M1 Pivot South 2025

  Road crossing © BB  

Pivot a fixed point around which a solid body can rotate under the effect of forces.

The rural environment of larger cities is in a state of upheaval - rising rents, location-independent working and the advance of digitalization are just some of the factors that are enabling an ever-increasing proportion of society to break away from the urban context. Parallel to historically grown centers, new fixed points of public life are forming where they were not previously suspected. These manifest themselves both in digital and in (re)built space.

At the same time, demographic change is bringing further dynamism into and around these new pivots.

Taking the current example of the Aachen suburb of Walheim, an urban development component is to create a pivot for the year 2025 as a public ensemble of residential commercial and retail at the prestigious corner of Schleidener Straße | Montebourgstraße. 

The project will be carried out as a novel competition procedure.

In two stages, design solutions are to be found with the prospect of later realization.

The procedure will take place in cooperation with the city of Aachen.