Introduction into Design

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Excercise 1.0

Space expands. Space leaves no room for mass. The task at hand is to design an underground spatial structure that does not exceed a limited play area (Design scale 1:100, 80 x 80 cm). Special attention should be given to the dramaturgy of the sequence of spaces and the lighting of individual rooms. The spatial structure follows the conditions of the assigned typology. Specific atmospheres and spatial geometries should be developed from the specification of the sequence of spaces and transferred into an underground spatial structure.


- Model / scale 1:100, made from styrofoam block

- Atmosphere sheet

- Pictograms

- Floor plans and sections at scale 1:200

Excercise 2

The hermitage to be designed will serve as a dwelling for the protagonist, providing a retreat for leisure, life, and the pursuit of their (professional) activities.

In addition to translating the requirements into a spatial structure, the architectural design of the hermitage should reflect the protagonist's needs, as analyzed and identified in the preliminary exercise. The goal is to design a house that is tailored precisely to its occupant, responds to the context, and thereby produces a new and unexpected architecture.


- Site plan with surroundings and roof forms at Scale 1:500

- Submission drawings: Floor plans, sections, views at Scale 1:100

- Model at Scale 1:333

- Model at Scale 1:100

- Interior spatial representation (model photo)

- Exterior spatial perspectives

- Statement on material selection

- Pictograms for the design concept

- Analysis of the occupant

Course Start Date: 11.10.2023

Examiner: Prof. Sabine Brück-Dürkop

Supervision: Jens Kampermann, Veljko Dinić