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Competition neuroAIx

The Department Bauplan, together with the Departments of Neuroscience, Machine Learning, and Neuromorphic Computing, announces the following idea competition: Competition neuroAIx

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Exhibition student competition

The results of our student competition REWE Montebourg Str. / Schleiderner Straße Walheim (project M1 Pivot Süd 2025) can be viewed on Friday, 03.06.2022 between 17:00 and 21:00 and on Saturday, 04.06.2022 between 11:00 and 17:00 in the Jakob-Büchel-Haus at Prämienstraße 57 in Aachen Walheim.

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Congratulations to the award

The Department of Building Design and Construction Realization congratulates Dennis Barg on his award in the "Drawing of the Year" Competition.

For thesis documentation.

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BIM, Circularity and Urban Mining at the buildingSMART User Day


On 04.05.2022, our colleague Dr.-Ing. Stanimira Markova had the privilege to lecture on the potentials and shortcomings of BIM for the activation and realization of circularity and urban mining in the built world, a core topic of our research, at the "buildingSMART Anwendertag" congress - the largest event on BIM and digitalization in Germany. This was a very special symbolism, as the date of the talk coincided with Germany's Earth Overshoot Day: the day on which Germans consumed more resources than they were entitled to for the entire year.

With over 550 attendees, this was one of the most attended sessions of the buildingSMART User Day. The relevance and urgency of the topic and the reputation of Dr. Markova as one of the leading experts in this field explained the interest in the presentation and the large number of participants, some of whom could only follow it standing.

For more information, see the program booklet.

  Exhibition The Land Issue. Climate, Economy, Common Good © Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer

The Land Issue - 
Climate, Economy, Common Good

We are living on our ground and with our ground. It feeds us, cools the earth`s atmosphere and we need it for housing, for leisure and for work. Since conservative investments lost their economical appeal, our land became an international and highly requested asset. Rising rents is one of the main symptoms. Our social market economy, our community and our success in dealing with climate change are therefore at stake. So, free access to land must be renegotiated.

The exhibition The land issue is a project of the University of Kassel and curated by Stefan Rettich, Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer and Sabine Tastel. It presents aspects of the land issue in terms of climate, economy and the common good. References are made and very concrete possible solutions are shown.

Curator: Stefan Rettich
Co-curator*inside: Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer, Sabine Tastel

Graphics / Scenography: Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer
Editors: Christian Holl, Stefan Rettich, Sabine Tastel


Exhibition program

Tuesday, March 29, 18 - 20 p.m.: 
Alle Jahre Bodenfrage! 
with Stephan Rettich, Stephan Reiß-Schmidt, Sibylle Wälty, moderated by Frauke Burgdorff
Place: Foyer Reiff + Livestream

Tuesday, April 5 18 - 20 p.m.: 
Was können ArchitektInnen leisten? 
with Florian Hertweck, Daniela Brahm, Scott Lloyd, moderated by André Bideau
Place: Foyer Reiff + Livestream

Since we can only admit 40 people, we would like to ask you to in time.

  The Land Question - Climate, Economy, Common Good © Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer

Lecture by Susanne Schindler (ETH Zurich) and Anne Kockelkorn (TU Delft) "Forgoing speculation as a design strategy: the conditions of Zurich cooperatives".

on January 19, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. in Zoom

Lecture in the framework of the lecture series "Strategien des Entwerfens”

Lecture in the framework of the Exhibition Bodenfrage 

More information about the Project

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Werner Sobek at "When Innovation meets Sustainability"


They also exist, the unicorns outside of research and science, who through innovation keep testing the limits of the status quo and dare to set the new directions of sustainability consideration in the built world.

In WT20, the research group "Future technologies for the comprehensive building sustainability" initiated the lecture series "When innovation meets sustainability - the pioneers in practice" with experts from the industry as part of the teaching and research area of building design and construction implementation. The aim of the lecture series is to introduce companies that bring new horizons in the field of sustainability to the students and staff of the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University and to provide insights into how sustainability in architecture is still lived and can be lived.

In the next lecture from the lecture series on May 20, 2021 from 17:30pm , Alexandra Mrzigod and Stefanie Weidner will give us an insight into some of Werner Sobek's boldest and most innovative projects.

The Werner Sobek brand has long established itself not only as the epitome of high-quality architecture, but also stands for innovation and pioneering spirit in sustainable building design. The company often challenges the boundaries of mainstream standards and develops its own innovative concepts to achieve even daring sustainability goals.

The event is aimed at students of the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University and will be held via Zoom. Registration is due by May 19, 2021 to .

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Lecture "Nachhaltigkeit als Strategie"

Wednesday January 13, 2021

As part of the lecture series Strategien des Entwerfens, Stanimira Markova from the Department of Building Design and Construction spoke about the need for more sustainability in design practice. Markova spoke about the threats to world peace posed by rising global temperatures, as well as the certification options for sustainable buildings.

The lecture is available for download on Moodle.