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  Rendering Station building and tracks Copyright: © Dennis Barg  

"Constance - The City on the Lake".

This is the advertising slogan with which the largest city on Lake Constance draws attention to itself.
draws attention to itself. But ever since the railroad station was built directly at the harbor in 1863
the railway tracks have separated the medieval city center from the lakeshore.
Only a few crossings connect the alleyways of the old town with the promenade
and the landing stages on the lake. In addition, the listed
by Friedrich Eisenlohr no longer meets the requirements of a modern station.
modern train station. Therefore, the city of Constance has decided to upgrade the station area.
to upgrade the station area. The aim of this redesign is to expand and
connections between the city and the lake, to expand the area with new
the area with new buildings in order to accommodate additional functions of the station.
functions of the station, as well as to combine the different bus, train and ship
ship to form an interchange node. From its separating
function, an expressive city entrance is to develop as an interface between the city and the lake.
between the city and the lake that meets the requirements of 21st century traffic.
21st century.
In response to this objective, this design forms a supporting structure consisting of concrete arches
arches, which stands like a "table" above the tracks and platforms, serving as a
and platforms, serves as weather protection and divides the entire area.
In this way, the three complementary structures - the new reception building
the new reception building at Marktstätte and the two buildings at the jetty and the
the southern end of the station area - are linked to each other and to the outdoor
and linked with the outdoor areas. The base of the buildings and the supporting structure
merge into a single unit that accommodates the functions of the station and other public
other public uses. Above the arch structure
the distribution level, consisting of wide platforms at the interchange points and narrow
platforms at the transfer points and narrow connecting walkways. Above this level
to the tracks and directly to the bus stop area or the catamaran pier.
to the catamaran pier. Visitors and residents can use these walkways
to get from the city to the lake and vice versa.
From up there, one also has a panoramic view of the sea of houses of the
city and the expanse of Lake Constance.
Above the base of the building, there are additional uses, in the form of the
form of the customs office and other office structures. This creates three
three prominent high points that define the area in terms of urban planning and
and emphasize the main accesses to the train station through projections. Despite the
the size of the overall structure, it blends in thanks to the use of classical
architectural elements and color-coordinated materials, it blends in with the historic
the historical context of Constance's city center and creates a place that
the city to the lake and makes changing trains an experience for travelers.
experience for travelers. Whether one arrives by train or by ship at the Constance
port - the station is the city's calling card.

The Department of Building Design and Construction Realization congratulates Dennis Barg on the award for his work in the "Drawing of the Year" Competition.